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Almond Butter Chocolate Pots

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Almond Butter Chocolate Pots 

What you need: makes 4 large glasses

  • 2 large very ripe bananas (the riper the better)
  • 120g Meridian Almond Butter
  • 2 tbsp Maple Syrup
  • 120ml Aquafaba (see note 1)
  • ½ tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
  • ½ tsp Cream of Tartar (see note 2)


  • 100g Meridian Almond Butter
  • 100ml Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 80g (dairy free optional) chocolate, broken down into chunks

Optional Festive Decoration:

  • 1 Fresh Fig (sliced into segments)
  • Bunches of Fresh Redcurrants


  1. To make the mousse start by peeling the bananas, breaking into chunks and putting into a food processor or blender, along with the almond butter and maple syrup.
  2. Blend to a very smooth puree then scrape into a large bowl.
  3. Using a stand mixer or a hand-held electric whisk, whisk the apple cider vinegar and aquafaba in a separate bowl until they turn into stiff peaks.
  4. Once you have a firm whisked meringue, sprinkle in the cream of tartar and whisk for just a few seconds until it’s incorporated.
  5. Take about 1/3 of the meringue and add to the almond butter mixture. Gently beat in using a large rubber spatula – this helps loosen the mixture, making it easier to fold in the rest of the meringue.
  6. Add the remainder of the meringue to the bowl and very gently but thoroughly fold the two mixtures together until well incorporated.
  7. Spoon or pipe into your glasses and put in the fridge for a couple of hours to firm up slightly (you can also leave overnight).
  8. When the mousse has been in the fridge for a couple of hours, make the topping.
  9. Put the almond butter and almond milk into a small saucepan and whisk over a gentle heat until warm (don’t allow to boil).
  10. Immediately add the chocolate and whisk until completely melted.
  11. Immediately pour or spoon the chocolate topping onto the top of the mousse and spread with the back of a teaspoon until fully covered.
  12. Put in the fridge for around 30 minutes to set.
  13. Store in the fridge if not eating immediately. To serve, put a slice of fresh fig and a string of redcurrants.  You can also dust with a little icing sugar for a festive frosting!



  1. Aquafaba is the drained liquid from a can of chickpeas. This recipe uses roughly all the liquid from a 400g can of chickpeas
  2. The cream of tartar helps stabilise any meringue, including ones made with egg white. It’s not absolutely essential but it does help the meringue hold its shape once whisked

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