Protein Bars

Snack Smart, It’s Nut-ritious

With the best of nature’s energy wrapped into each bar, Meridian’s deliciously new nutty protein-packed treats are the smart choice for snacking when hunger pangs hit.

Featuring Meridian’s popular palm oil-free peanut butter, the brand new bars come in three unique flavours - Peanut & Cocoa, Peanut & Banana, and Peanut & Berry - to delight any discerning nut-lover’s palate.  

Chocolate fans can enjoy Peanut & Cocoa, which is made with 52% peanuts and pure cocoa.  The Peanut & Banana bar has 48% peanuts combined with sun dried banana to offer a natural sweet taste, while Peanut & Berry has 52% peanuts, along with cranberries and raspberries for a delicious balance of fruit and nut.

Crammed with peanuts, each delicious nut bar offers a high content of protein, allowing hungry snackers to load up on an excellent source of nutrients and energy rather than making bad choices in the snack department when on-the-go. 

Developed using a simple recipe of the finest ingredients, there are no hidden ‘nasties’ and the bars are dairy-free, soya free, gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

Protein is provided naturally from Meridian’s roasted nuts and not by added processed protein that is found in most other protein bars.  Each 40g Meridian bar contains at least 7g of protein - significantly more than mainstream cereal and nut bars.

Offering a natural energy boost, the bars can be enjoyed any time of the day, boosting metabolism in the morning, short-for- time snacking when the clock isn’t on your side and post exercise when your body needs an energy re-boot.

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