Hey, I’m Pongo, which is Latin for ‘orangutan’. I used to live in the rainforest in Borneo, Indonesia.

I loved my home but it’s being destroyed to make room for more palm oil plantations.

I can’t sit back and watch this happen. So I’ve come to the UK to spread the message about the impact deforestation is having on my species.

I’ll be travelling through the country, leaving an artistic mark everywhere I go to inspire hope and action for my species. Look out for my artwork, share my story and help #ProtectPongo.

Love and peace, pongo

Follow Pongo on his journey through the UK and share a photo of his beautiful artwork to help him spread his message, using #ProtectPongo.


23rd - 24th Sept


27th - 28th Sept


27th - 28th Sept


29th Sept - 7th Oct

1. Share

Share Pongo’s story on social media and help spread the message about the impact palm oil is having on orangutans.


2. Switch

Palm oil often hides in other ingredients and E numbers, so switch to brands which specify they are palm oil free (like Meridian!).


3. Donate

Donate to International Animal Rescue. They work tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate orangutans in Indonesia, and they rely entirely on public funding.


Why do we need to #ProtectPongo?

Pongo is our orangutan ambassador from Borneo, Indonesia, whose home was destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations.

Pongo’s story is not an uncommon one. With around 100,000 Bornean orangutans remaining in the wild, they are a critically endangered species in dire need of assistance.


Have you spotted one of Pongo's artworks? Let us know @meridianfoods

Pongo stopped off in Birmingham and has left something special again to further help his campaign - #ProtectPongo

Alan Knight from @international_animal_rescue explains: “Orangutans have long been victims of human abuse through the illegal pet trade and loss of habitat due to deforestation. Saying they are critically endangered is an understatement. They are on the path to extinction, as their habitat continues to be destroyed”

Help spread Pongo’s message by sharing and using #ProtectPongo.

Take a look at Pongo’s finished piece in Manchester.

The orangutan population halved in just 16 years, with deforestation playing a major role in the species' decline. Help share Pongo’s story, using #ProtectPongo.

Pongo has created his first and second beautiful pieces of art. Can you guess where it is?

With his home in the Bornean rainforest being destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations, there are only 100k orangutans left in the wild and they are now critically endangered.

Help share Pongo’s story and spread his message, using #ProtectPongo.

We have an exciting project officially launching tomorrow!
Keep your eyes peeled to discover who Pongo is and how we're working with @louismasai and @international_animal_rescue to help protect him and his pals