Charity Edition - Smooth Chocolate Spread 240g

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We believe nature produces the best and tastiest ingredients. So, every jar of Chocca contains over 50% nutritious nuts (peanut, cashew & hazelnut) blended with cocoa to create a deliciously rich and chocolatey spread, containing 50% less sugar*.

To help support International Animal Rescue continue their amazing conservation work with our ginger cousins, the Orangutan, we're also donating 5p from every charity edition jar purchased.

For a delicious start to the day, why not spread on toast or pancakes? We've created a fun Chocca Orangutan Pancake recipe which kids (of all ages) will love!

Proudly certified palm oil free, we believe that delicious, natural chocolate spreads simply don't need to use it. So, we don't ever!

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, naturally gluten and dairy free with no added salt.

Chocolate bloom is natural, Just stir and enjoy. 

*50% less sugar on average compared with similar UK chocolate spreads on the market