Coconut & Almond Butter 170g

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**We're delighted to introduce our new vegan recipe!  We've replaced honey with agave syrup across all our coconut speciality butters to ensure they are suitable for everyone without any compromise on taste. **

We've blended pure coconut and a dash of agave syrup with our almond nut butter and ground together until almost smooth for an utterly indulgent, yet healthy spread.

Our rich energy-dense nut butters, combined with the healthy fats and goodness found in coconuts provides nut butter lovers with the best of both worlds - a wonderful super-food combination!

Delicious spread on toast, added to smoothies or simply eaten with a spoon. For a fantastic start to the day, why not try our Overnight Cardamom and Coconut Oats with Chia Jam.

Our coconut and almond butter contains no added refined sugar or salt and are suitable for vegans.

We don't use palm oil in any of our products because we care about the environmental impact it can have.

Oil separation is natural and can be simply stirred back in.